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G20 Summit special environmental protection heat sealing aluminum foil lunch box

 With the professional product development strength and standardized product production management process, Times Aluminum Foil becomes the exclusive supplier of G20 Hangzhou Summit Hot Seal Lunch Box.

Aluminum foil heat seal box for crayfish packaging

Crayfish innovatively uses aluminum foil containers to seal and package crayfish, using the characteristics of aluminum foil to enhance crayfish production, packaging, storage technology, increase product adaptability, and bring new vitality to the industrial chain.

Application of aluminum foil container in capsule cup packaging

  Fashionable portable container that maximizes the original flavor of the food and the expiration date of the cosmetics. It attracts the attention of many consumers because of its light and fashionable characteristics.

Application of aluminum foil container in modified atmosphere packaging

  Ningbo Times Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. is the first in China to promote aluminum foil modified atmosphere packaging, production of special aluminum foil containers, research and development of air-conditioning fresh-keeping packaging machines and production lines, to provide customers with personalized air-conditioning packaging solutions.

Application of aluminum foil container in self-heating food packaging

  aluminum foil is resistant to high temperature, safe and hygienic, avoiding the safety hazard of high temperature harmful substances in plastic boxes; aluminum foil can be recycled, which reduces environmental problems.

Application of aluminum foil containers in prepared food packaging

  The heat-sealed aluminum foil lunch box series launched by Times Aluminum Foil solves the problems of food resistance to cooking, high temperature sterilization and sealing, and can extend the shelf life of food to more than one year.

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