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Application of aluminum foil container in modified atmosphere packaging



  Ningbo Times Aluminum Foil Technology Corp., Ltd. is the first in China to promote aluminum foil modified atmosphere packaging. It not only produces special aluminum foil containers, but also develops air-conditioning fresh-keeping packaging machines and running water production lines to provide customers with personalized air-conditioning and fresh-keeping packaging solutions. Has established partnerships with many domestic food processing companies.

  Conventional use of plastic modified atmosphere packaging, the shelf life is only 5-7 days. The use of aluminum foil modified atmosphere packaging, shelf life of 15-30 days, greatly extending the shelf life of the product and reducing waste. Aluminum foil is the best barrier material for air-conditioning packaging. It provides good protection for air-conditioning and fresh-keeping. It can also withstand low temperature and high temperature resistance from -40°C to 250°C. The packaging grade is high, the product quality is extended, and the product is upgraded. Value; 100% recycling, etc.


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