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Aluminum foil deep processing:


  Times Aluminum Foil focuses on the performance of aluminum foil for more than ten years, adheres to technological innovation, and is committed to providing more material choices for food packaging, meeting the areas that can not be satisfied in the food packaging field:


  Through the coating process, the material's acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, heating performance and the like are greatly improved, further ensuring safety and convenience on various food packagings; at the same time, the brightly coated aluminum foil is improved. The grade of product packaging enhances customer value; it is widely used in aviation, baking, high-end catering and other fields.


  The composite process solves the demand for food packaging such as cooking resistance, heat sealing and sealing, and is widely used in pet food, prefabricated food, snack food, flexible packaging, etc., and can extend the shelf life of food to more than one year; Very convenient, very popular with consumers.


  Times Aluminum Foil will continue to adhere to technological innovation and promote more new applications of aluminum foil materials in the field of food packaging through the application of new technologies and new processes.








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